Occult Adventures - Erasmus

Select the character's Intelligence score, arcane casting class, and the target RPG system.

Selections that aren't viable for a particular system, will be ignored.

Arcane Caster:


RPG Systems

This generator breaks down the spells available for a first level arcane caster into the categories of offense, defense, miscellaneous, and mandatory. The generator will attempt to select as many from each category as possible, favoring first mandatory spells, and then progressing through offense, defense, and finally miscellaneous. Selection of the spells varies depending upon the specific system chosen. If there are selections made in the form that are suitable for a particular system, they will be ignored and default selections will be assumed. ® is used to denote reversible spells.

Swords & Wizardry Complete (a 0e retro-clone)
The only available arcane class is the Magic User, and Intelligence will be used for determination of the chance the caster knows the spell, and for the minimum and maximum number of spells that the caster can know.

Old-School Essentials ‐ Advanced Fantasy (a B/X/1e retro-clone)
There are three arcane class options, which are the Magic-User (including elf paragon), the Illusionist (including gnome paragon), and the Necromancer. The number of starting spells is determined by the Intelligence score.