Goblins Fight

Select a rolling method and the quantity of sets that you want rolled.

Rolling Method:

Number of Sets:

Classic (3d6)
The classic 3d6 rolling method.
Contemporary (4d6 drop lowest)
The rolling of 4d6 and then dropping the lowest die rolled.
New Age (4d4+2)
Rolling 4d4 and adding 2 to each roll.
Advantaged Pairs (3d6 best of pair)
Rolling two sets of 3d6 for each score entry, keeping the better one.
The Borg (3d6 best 6 of 12)
Roll a total of 12 sets, keeping the 6 best.
Heroic (2d6+6)
Rolling only 2d6 and adding 6 to each roll.
AGE (3d6 converted)
Rolling 3d6 and then converting them to be compatible with the AGE system values.